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Fiilin Good Films teases projects ahead of Annecy

Updated: Jun 13

Fiilin Good Films is thrilled to announce a diverse lineup of projects, each showcasing unique themes, styles, and genres. This slate highlights the studio's commitment to creative storytelling and innovative narratives.  We’re in Annecy from June 11th to 14th at the Nordic Animation stand C.30

Code name ‘Just Us’: An anime-inspired adult feature. A cynical young woman’s only friend is a woman with a cognitive impairment. They share a distrust of other people. A demon takes advantage of their worldview, changing reality to match the picture of the world that exists in the mind of the cognitively impaired friend. ‘Other people’ become violent monsters and, though there is rare beauty in this world, things need to go back to normal. But can the cynical young woman undo the poisonous philosophy she has been filling her friend’s head with for years?

Tunda & Onyx’: A kids animation from Jamaica. Tunda is a posh pup and Onyx is a street-savvy dog. They cross the class differences of their backgrounds and respect each other’s qualities, and their friendship blossoms as they embark on enchanting missions across Jamaica, bringing high-intensity fun and a glimpse into the island's unique traditions. The show highlights how their differences make their friendship stronger, teaching children about respect, equality, and the value of learning from one another. True friendship holds no class boundaries!

Code name ‘Brother’s Keeper’: A feature-length comedy about escaping death! This rather insane adventure finds ways to make the bleakest subject hilarious. A young orphan boy suffering chronic illness decides he wants to be euthanised and has found the entire medical establishment eager to oblige. But his older brother does not accept this turn of events and manages to whisk him away to a land without death. Even the boy’s chronic pain seems to recede but there is a catch: the pain might come back. And if you stay too long in this world you won’t be able to go home, meaning you could be in chronic pain for all eternity. Err… haha! (Seriously though, it is a comedy) Code name ‘Happy?’: An animated sitcom about a Finnish family trying to sabotage their country’s public services. The most quoted Finnish poet of all time, Eino Leino, wrote, ‘Happiness does not withstand the gaze of others.’ Yet Finland is constantly rated as the happiest place in the world. The Onnela family believe these facts don’t sit well together. They are shocked that Finland should allow itself to show its happiness on the world stage and risk losing it. So, in preparation for the next world happiness index assessment, they will protect Finland’s happiness by sabotaging it in every relevant metric. The nation’s happiness will be saved by making the place intolerable to live in. Code name ‘Orphan Yakuza’: In this anime-inspired feature film, a young boy leads a group of orphan criminals in a futuristic, neon-lit, Tokyo gangland. He tries to hold his own against established Yakuza gangs. Super-human battles between them are a regular feature of this dangerous life. A young girl wants to save him and his crew from this way of being, like Wendy and the Lost Boys of Peter Pan. But how do you save lost boys who have no home to go to? How do you encourage people into a better life that does not exist? This story grafts Wendy’s dilemma onto much more difficult subject matter.

Code name ‘Brainwash': Limited series thriller about a society divided between the privileged ‘Zenith’ majority and the downtrodden ‘Nadir’ minority. The story follows a young woman who believes the propaganda that says the Zenith are superior. She thinks her boat has come in when she lands a job at an upstanding, philanthropic Zenith company. But soon she is being blackmailed by Nadir, forcing her into spying on the company she respects. Much to her horror, she discovers some dark secrets, but is the world better off if she keeps them to herself?

Fiilin Good Films is a pioneering studio known for creating original, high-quality content across various genres and formats. The studio strives to deliver stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. 

* Please note that the “code names” of the projects are not the final titles.

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Manuel Herrera Miró
Manuel Herrera Miró
Jun 07

Very cool...And interesante🤗

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