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“Paws, Peas and Patois” - Tunda & Onyx animation series from Jamaica, heading to Annecy

Fiilin Good Films option the rights to children's books set in Jamaica

The animation landscape is about to get a refreshing new addition with the upcoming series 'Tunda & Onyx'. The series is based on two books, featuring two cute and quirky Jamaican puppies, Tunda and Onyx.

On their adventures they navigate the vibrant and culturally rich landscapes of Jamaica - the two fun-loving pups offer a unique blend of excitement, education, and heartwarming entertainment.

Watch the teaser trailer here 🔝

Meet Tunda and Onyx

Tunda is a privileged pup and Onyx is a street-savvy dog. They respect each others qualities, and their bond tightens because they share the same values. Their friendship blossoms as they embark on enchanting missions across Jamaica, affectionately known as The Rock. Tunda yearns for adventure and finds herself captivated by Onyx's confidence, humour, and wisdom. Their adventures provide high-intensity fun and offer a glimpse into the island's unique customs and traditions.

From their first meeting, each episode highlights how their differences make their friendship stronger, teaching children about respect, equality, and the value of learning from one another. True friendship holds no class boundaries!

A Cultural Extravaganza

'Tunda & Onyx' stands out by seamlessly integrating Jamaican culture into its storytelling. Viewers will experience the rich sounds of authentic reggae music and the rhythmic beauty of Jamaican patois. This cultural depth not only entertains but also educates, providing a window into the vibrant life of Jamaica.

Tunda & Onyx gobsmacked
'Tunda & Onyx' is a celebration of Jamaican culture, friendship, and adventure. With its engaging storylines, charismatic characters, and cultural authenticity, this series is set to win hearts around the world. Keep an eye out for this exciting new show, as Tunda & Onyx take you on a whirlwind tour of The Rock, filled with laughter, lessons, and love.

The Jamaican connection

The magic of 'Tunda & Onyx' is brought to life by:

  • Sabrina K. Marshall: The Creator, Writer, and Producer from Jamaica/USA, whose original books drive the vision and excitement of the series.

  • Debbie Stephens: Producer and Casting Director from Jamaica/UK, discovering the perfect voices and talent for the show.

  • Juha Fiilin: Director and Producer, bringing a global perspective to the project.

The Producers are looking for co-prod / distribution and look forward to meeting with interested parties to discuss the project in detail.

Producers Debbie Stephens and Juha Fiilin will be at the Annecy animation festival during the Mifa market 11-14th June 2024. Please DM to arrange a meeting.

Tunda & Onyx in danger

Fiilin Good Films is a pioneering studio known for creating original, high-quality content for young audiences across various genres and formats. The studio strives to deliver stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.


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